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About this blog: random thoughts, discoveries, ramblings. Much of this was originally composed as email to a local history mailing list, rather than being written specifically for publishing, so it's a little disjointed. I figured it was better to get it out to everyone else in rough form rather than not at all.

If you have a common interest in anything, or can add further to the information I've provided here, please contact me.

  [Wallan] Inverlochy Castle Hotel

06 May 2007, 09:05am      

I found a photo of the Inverlochy Castle Hotel in the book "Pretty Sally's Hill: A History of Wallan, Wandong, and Bylands" by J. W. Payne.

(Click for full sized image)

What it looks like today:

(Click for full sized image)

If you look at the first photo, to the very left there is a high pitched roof to the rear of the weatherboard hotel which could possibly be the bluestone ruins that are still there today. Stables perhaps?

  Different names for the Hume Freeway

06 May 2007, 9:00am      

Here's something I found in Pretty Sally's Hill: A History of Wallan, Wandong, and Bylands:

"Under this Act, the Sydney Road became the North-Eastern Highway on 1
July 1925 but that title was shortlived. On 17 October 1928 the Victorian
and New South Wales Governments jointly named the former Sydney Road the
Hume Highway."


"The last link in the chain was the modern thirty-four kilometre link
between Wallan and Broadford, [...] Designated the Hume Freeway, it was
declared open by the Premier of Victoria, the Hon. R. J. Hamer, on 3 May

So it appears the Hume Highway came into official existence in 1928, and the first portion of the Hume Freeway in 1976.

UPDATE: The portion between Craigieburn and Donnybrook is the last remaining portion of the "highway" and as of 2008 is being upgraded to "freeway" status.