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  [Somerton] Located more photos of Somerton station & area

05 February 2008, 4:52pm      

I found some more images of Somerton station and the surrounding area on PROV. They have a very strange search system where if you do a main search you may not get back every result, or you only get partial listings. I asked them for assistance and was directed to another database:

This one from 1899 clearly shows several buildings including the station, and possibly Somerton Road itself? If I've got my bearings right this would have been taken from the south-west corner of the crossing.

Click for full sized image:


This one looks like it's taken high up (from a signal arm?), probably just south of Somerton Road with Campbellfield and Fawkner visible in the distance. Going on the loco I think it would be dated 1950 or later:

Click for full sized image:

There are 11 results in total, I won't link them all here.

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