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About this blog: random thoughts, discoveries, ramblings. Much of this was originally composed as email to a local history mailing list, rather than being written specifically for publishing, so it's a little disjointed. I figured it was better to get it out to everyone else in rough form rather than not at all.

If you have a common interest in anything, or can add further to the information I've provided here, please contact me.

  [Somerton] Signal box demolished

06 February 2008, 3:15pm      

I noticed today that the signal box at Somerton (just south of Roxburgh Park station) has disappeared. I knew some time ago that it was going to be demolished - even though it is heritage listed - but because the Somerton Road railway overpass is pretty much complete I thought they'd found a way to preserve it. I guess I was wrong.

It's not the prettiest bit of infrastructure around, but it was working there for nearly 50 years. This photo was taken in early June 2007:

UPDATE:Thankfully it wasn't demolished; it has been moved to Moorooduc to become part of a railway museum.

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